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Buy Better Online Validate By Boxmix

Introducing Validate Here at Boxmix.co.uk, we are constantly evolving our methods and workflow to ensure we can provide not only the latest sweets and treats but also the freshest! Buying pick n mix online or any edible product for that matter is not like buying in a store. The biggest difference is that you cant […]

Sweet Pick and Mix

Sweets pick and mix

Here at Boxmix.co.uk we are more of the pick and mix sweets kind of people. Now don’t get me wrong sweet pick and mix has the same meaning but not quite sure it sounds as good… Pick and mix sweets where did it begin? Bulk confectionery is a method of commercially dispensing multiple small units […]

Can you still get pick n mix? June 2021

Trio Bundle Sweet Offer - Boxmix.co.uk

We answer the question on the tip of the publics tongue 2020 was the evolution of Coronavirus a deadly strain that was set to change the world as we know it. The rapid spread and deadly nature of the virus meant that shops were closed and public life restricted so where did that leave the […]