Sweet Pick and Mix

Sweets pick and mix

Here at Boxmix.co.uk we are more of the pick and mix sweets kind of people.

Now don’t get me wrong sweet pick and mix has the same meaning but not quite sure it sounds as good…

Pick and mix sweets where did it begin?

Bulk confectionery is a method of commercially dispensing multiple small units of confectionery via prepackaged bags or choose your own.

F.W Woolworth founded in 1909 (an offshoot of an American retailer) had the leading pick n mix.

The definition of pick and mix literally means having a mixture of different things that a person can choose. An assortment if you will. Here at boxmix.co.uk we have over 150+ sweets to choose from.

Presented in storable containers including our famous 1kg pick n mix bags and the mega 4kg buckets.

Are shops still selling pick and mix?

It is becoming less and less common to find shops that sell pick and mix. Just recently (June 2020) Tesco, Wilko and Morrisons have chosen to axe the unwrapped joy of pick and mix.

They are opting for pre-packed sweets in smaller bags. Not quite the same as having a bag full of your favorite penny sweets.

A spokesperson from Tesco said they introduced wrapper pick and mix in mid-May. It’s now available in 700 stores.

The supermarket sells 100g bags of pick and mix.

Meanwhile, Morrisons shoppers can only buy 50g bags of each sweet they want and then must fill a cup or bag with the mini packs.

The changes were recently implemented in all 188 Morrisons with pick and mix, the supermarket told The Sun.

Not to worry however as you can still order your sweets online from boxmix.co.uk

If a premixed option is something that interests you our range includes


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