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Pick n mix your own favourite sweets

Pick n mix has been around for generations. The fascination of building your own bag or bucket of sweets is at the heart of each creation. so pleased to bring this age-old tradition bang up to date for 2021. Choosing your sweets online is not only easier but far more hygenic.

What options are there?

Firstly we have the classic 1kg bag. A surprisingly generous amount of sweets for any sweet tooth.

Jam your bag full with our edit of sugary and jelly treats. What’s more, we don’t scrimp on quantity!

If 1kg doesn’t fulfil your craving double up with a 2kg mega bag!. Double the options and double the quantity ideal for sharing.

However, if neither of those meets the criteria we can only recommend our 4kg mega bucket! That’s right a full BUCKET of sweets. Now we want you to understand 4kg or 4000g is not for the faint-hearted. It is not something you can go alone at. You will need help.

If you think your capable then dive right in and build your own bucket of pick n mix.

Why order pick n mix online?

We have heaps of reasons of why you should order online. Moreover, our top picks are;

  • Freshest sweets restocked daily
  • Only one person touching the sweets
  • More options than any store
  • Bigger container options.



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