Can you still get pick n mix? June 2021

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We answer the question on the tip of the publics tongue

2020 was the evolution of Coronavirus a deadly strain that was set to change the world as we know it.

The rapid spread and deadly nature of the virus meant that shops were closed and public life restricted so where did that leave the traditional pick n mix?

The only option was to move to an online base whereby you can still choose from your favourite sweets. This new method is in fact far more hygienic as the only person touching the sweets is a picker.

Take your traditional stand as an example, 100’s of hands are in and out of the tubs all day. Passively spreading germs and bacteria across the range. The classic Woolworth’s pick n mix stands must have been littered with germs.

In more recent times the likes of Wilkinsons and Tescos have attempted to provide a range of pick n mix. Although these tend to be limited in choice and certainly are not without touching!

Where can you buy pick n mix?

There is a wide range of pick n mix shops that have opted for an online presence including Although there are many sweet suppliers now available one thing remains consistent and that is the supplier of sweets.

Sweet wholesalers are very few and far between therefore, this means that most sweet shops actually have the same sweet selection.

So what differentiates each sweet shop?

If the sweets are the same then this leaves the presentation whether this is in a heat-sealed bag, or cardboard box each shop has its own method of presentation. Here at Box Mix, our unique option is our 4kg mega bucket! Check it out…

How to choose a sweet shop this will easily boil down to some key options;

  • Are there many options
  • How much is the per 100g rate
  • What way are the sweets presented
  • Delivery options, time, and costs
  • Extras and add ons

And a few more we will visit this in another post.

To conclude pick n mix is still very much available just you are more likely to find it online rather than in-store. Whilst this has its drawbacks it is outweighed by the benefits.

  • More choice
  • Extra Hygenic
  • A better shopping experience

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